Too Soon

A few weekend’s back we traveled to Dallas for my niece’s first birthday party. In between a potty-training toddler and a nursing infant it took us almost 6 hours. Each way. It was totally worth it though as the party was fun and Charlotte is just the most precious little girl ever! I won her over quickly by a)sounding just like her mom and b) taking her to see the balloons any time she wanted. I know how to win favorite Auntie status.

On Sunday we took family photos for my dad to put in the Denton Benefit League Tabloid. What do you mean you have never heard of that? I don’t actually know what it is either, just that each year my dad buys ad space in it and it is THE paper insert that EVERYONE in Denton reads filled with photos of small business owners and their children/grandchildren. Ok well, I might have built that up a tad, but Lauren and I read it each year and see judge how our high school friends have changed. I am serious. My mother mails it to both of us.

I am currently trying to convince my dad to just use a picture of the kids or one of all of us because unfortunately I am giant after having James a few short months ago and I sort of blend in when it is 8 of us.

2 thoughts on “Too Soon

  1. The pictures are great. And since your Dad asked for the pictures for Christmas I think he gets to choose the one for the Tabloid. Since we are likely the only people who read the Tabloid I wouldn't worry about too many people seeing it. Love to all.

  2. When you are blessed with such a beautiful family you want to show them off. That has always been my goal. And the money the Denton Benefit League collects goes to local charities. So to me it is a win win situation. Not to worry about anyone's size as I think you all look fine. Thanks to you all for taking your time and effort to have the pictures taken. I think they are great! Love, PWayne

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