Happy-ish Halloween

Last Halloween post, I promise.

Pirate Zach loved trick or treating. Loved. It. But I did not love the meltdown before, followed by the timeout (because he literally could not hear a word I was saying with the lure of candy floating in his head) and the meltdown after because he wanted to go back out. Why do I forget that Halloween is terrible? That it is just too much? Too much excitement, too much build up, too many expectations (both parents and kids) and too much candy? It is exhausting.

But the fun part of the evening was when Zach and his friend Tyler were hitting the houses in our neighborhood. After the 2nd one they had it down. We, the ever doting parents, let them go up to the door by themselves. Yes, they are not even 3 years old, but we could not leave the cooler unmanned. To be fair, I was wearing the tired parrot and Jen was holding my beer. But the two little boys walking up to the doors was possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

One tired parrot, up waaaay past his bedtime.

Zach and Alex sorting the loot.

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