Elf on the Couch

We did not do the whole Elf on the Shelf thing this year. Mainly because I barely knew what that was, but also becuase the little elves creep me out. We did, however, record the cartoon based (loosly) on the book, Elf of the Shelf and Zach fell in love with Chippy and the song Extravaganzalorious. I am not kidding, that is the song and I could sing it for you at a moment’s notice. With accompaning shoulder moves. 
But I digress. He watched the movie almost every night after dinner while drinking his milk. We recorded it off CBS or something so it was about 15 min of movie and 10 min of commercials. Usually when there is a commercial my DVR spoiled child comes running yelling, “The movie is not ON!” but apparently with this one he just wanted the commercials. How do I know? Because my child can sing the majority of the Nook commercial with Jane Lynch. 
Chris was over for his birthday and we were all suckered into watching the movie with Zach and he busts out with “Nook support is always treeeeee! [free]” and we about fell off the couch. So of course instead of being horrified that my child knows a commercial, we made him sing it again. And again. I am going to try to video it because it is hysterical. He really knows the whole thing. If you sing one line – he will reply with the next. Sad but oh so funny.

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