Christmas Evenings

Our nighttime routine with Zachary is dinner, bath, short video/movie, brush teeth, then reading books in his room and off to bed. Then he adds about 10 minutes of stalling which includes saying his prayers (“I am thankful for Jesus and Mary and Joseph and Norman.”), telling me what he is thinking about (to ward off bad dreams), what he is having for breakfast and then usually he needs another drink of water or to go to the bathroom. Again. Anyway, once we got the tree up in the living room and the stockings up on the fireplace I suggested we read books by the fire.

It. Was. Awesome. Alex told me I needed to tamper down my giddiness. Neither Zach nor I cared it was usually 65 degrees outside, we fired up the gas fireplace, turned off all the lights and lit the candles on the mantle.

Sometimes James was up and sometimes not. This was one night where they were in matching Christmas pajamas both laying on the floor listening to me read. It was so sweet and lovely. 

But of course when I tried to take their pictures without a flash (the tree looked better that way, obviously) they both decided to roll and move all around. Oh well, this is usually my life anyway. Me trying to stand still while two little boys are blurs around me.

One thought on “Christmas Evenings

  1. That is unfortunately the bane of all photographers – low light. You might try to set the ISO to a higher number say 800 to 1000. There may also be a 'night light' setting on the control knob on top. You will still have to have as little motion as can be mustered.

    You could try tieing down the boys but there may be too much screaming – just joking. Love, PWayne

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