3rd Birthday Party – extreme details

If you could not tell already from my post about the invites I created for Zach’s party I was kinda obsessed with his theme. And by ‘kinda’ I mean ‘totally’ and by ‘his’ I mean ‘mine’ so much that I refused to change the the cupcakes to red from blue and yellow. I just caved and let him have a red cupcake (technically the only thing he asked for). I copied basically the entire party from Sarah over at Create Studio, which I found on Pinterest. She is the one that sweetly sent me her favor tags and water bottle covers. I ended up recreating her images after I bought some mustache clip art on Etsy. Did you know they sell mustache clip art? Yeah, neither did I. 
 Cupcakes with chocolate mustaches on top
Just one red one for the birthday boy
Individual veggies & ranch dip (that went basically untouched)
and chocolate pretzel cigars
The proper usage of said cigars
Nugget tray, the label says, “Real men eat chicken”

Could you die for these waters? I did. 
I loved them so much I took another picture.

Sophie sporting a mustache
No one told me mine was on crooked.
Littlest mustache wearer Lily
Prior to the party I sent an email to all attendees to clarify that 
the party favors (below) were NOT edible. 
They are two toned crayons made using the same mold as the chocolate. 

3 thoughts on “3rd Birthday Party – extreme details

  1. Ok. Quit already. Now I have to actually do a theme and favors and go all crafty-etsy-pinterest for Jack's birthday in March. If I didn't love you, my friend, I'd hate you.

  2. Kinsey obsessed about a 'theme.' Shocking and I was involved with last years theme. Sorry I missed this year as I wouldn't have to wear one, maybe just dye mine. Love, PWayne

  3. Oh my goodness this turned out beautifully! Do you know that I've shared that clip art one hundred billion gajillion times and you are the first person to send me pictures! Thanks so much for letting me be a very small part of your son's very big day! Adorable!!

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