A Treat for my Sweet

I have been feeling like my big boy has not been getting a whole lot of attention from me now that I am back at work. After work I run to get the baby from school, then Zach and we rush home to put James down for a nap since he does not sleep at daycare. So Zach and I have some time together, but it always seems harried to me since I am usually trying to also make dinner, get a bottle ready, unload our bags, etc. 
So when James was home with a back-up care nanny instead of school I decided to take Zach for a treat. I told him we could get ice cream or cupcakes. He choose cupcakes so off to Crave we went. I had this whole image in my head (some might say a vision) that we would eat our cupcakes and talk about his day and it would be so sweet.
It was OK. He didn’t really like his cupcake, mainly wanted to fire off 50 questions about the cupcake store that I did not have the answers for (why are they not working here? what are those people eating? why is this top pink?) and did not want to tell me about his day. Oh well, I tried and I have the picture to prove it when he tells his therapist that his mother neglected him. I will counter with the fact that he looks slightly demonic in the evidence. So there.

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