That’s right – I am in there too

I don’t know why I feel such vindication at the sight of these two pictures; me at 3 1/2 and Zach at 3 looking so much alike. Oh wait, yes I do. Because EVERYONE that sees my boys immediately says “Oh they look just like their father”.  So SNAP they do not look like Alex all the time. Just because they are all boys with the same head shape and hair cut does not mean they look totally alike. 
I would like to add that my dad took both these photos. So he has been getting this I-will-cut-you look for 33+ years. Lucky guy.

2 thoughts on “That’s right – I am in there too

  1. The proof would be if we could photoshop that red hair over Zach's. Maybe some time I will try that. It has been my pleasure to be your photographer since the beginning of both of you and Zach. Love, PWayne

  2. I have ALWAYS thought the boys favored you! In fact, I mentioned it very early on in one of your prior blogs about Zach. Your boys are adorable…just like you!!

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