Someone always comes in second

It is just a fact that you cannot give the same amount of attention to two children at the same time. Someone has to be sidelined in favor of the other. Sometimes it is the big boy; sometimes it is the baby. It is always Norman. 

Other than poor Norman, let’s face it; it has mainly been the baby. James is a very content baby. Content to roll around on his mat, jump in his jumper or sit in his high chair and chew on toys. Last month that started to change. James now makes his presence known. Loudly.

It started at night. After his night feedings when he was 6 months (because he is so skinny he can’t stand to go more than 3 hours without eating at night) he would lay there and “talk” to himself. I had to put in ear plugs to get back to sleep. Then it moved to his high chair. While I am cooking/talking to Zach he will start to “talk” while chewing a toy or even while his pacifier is in his mouth.

Then it moved to the car. While Zach was asking me every “why” question he could think of (Why is the street wet? Why did it rain? Do you have my umbrella? Why not? Why is it in the house? Why is our house on Drummond street? etc.) this was happening in the backseat as well. It got louder and louder and louder until we had to stop talking so James could. Only 8 months and already has learned to fight his way into the conversation.

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