Not cooperating

I have really enjoyed capturing James each month for his monthly photo series. It is usually just the two of us and my camera, a white onesie and some fabric taped to the wall. I can almost always get a smile 1 out of about 25 times. Until this month that is.

March was really the first month that he did not want to sit still. He only wanted to pull down the fabric and lay across his feet. Which is what he does all day anyway, but it was especially bothersome when I wanted him to smile and sit up.

It took two separate shoots to get the photo. The first try involved Zach “helping” to get James to smile, which really meant he was helpful for about 30 seconds then he wanted to be IN the photos, not helping with the photos.

Finally I got a second try when of course my fabric had some spots from the iron which I had to Photoshop out. But he was a bit more smiley if still grabby for the fabric.

Evening in the life

This is my life. 
Trying to get James to eat while Zach is doing God only knows what and talking to me about it. Oh and James is more interested in eating the table than his food. I finally had to start putting some food on the table that he can suck up so at least he was getting something. 
No, this is not weird at all. Not in the least.


One of the unexpected things about life with 3 boys is how much one-on-one time Alex and get with each boy. When I take Zach to a birthday party; Alex is home with James. Or when James is NOT having any part of getting in the car, I am home with him and Alex is off with Zach to the park. I get my cuddly baby time and my big-boy time. And I am pretty sure that Alex spends more time with James at this age then he did when Zach was a baby. When you just have one, moms tend to do most of the work when both parents are home. So count in that Alex was rarely home during that time, it is just so different. Now someone always has a child with them at home. Period – the end. 
Alex really wants everyone reading to James, so he takes it upon himself often. Sometimes it is one of James’ books but sometimes it is Sports Illustrated. Words are words.
I snuck up on them reading one morning and they were both fully engaged in the book. Until they heard my camera, then I got the stick eye for interrupting.

Rodeo Time

The Rodeo was in town a few weeks back and I took Zach one morning with the promise to see cows and get him a cowboy hat. We got to see a cow being born and got him the snazzy straw and red hat you see below.
We walked all through the Kids Country where we saw baby chicks, baby pigs and a huge longhorn. We watched the pig races and the tractor pull. And he rode a pony named Red and in the petting zoo touched a pig, a lamb and another pony.
But what does he talk the most about? The carnival rides. He got to ride the carousel and the train that runs in a circle. He. Was. THRILLED.

I love the little girl in the back of this photo, I could not cut her out.
She is smiling like she is supposed to be there.

Please notice my child’s intensity on the train. He can obviously not affect the direction
of the train, but he does not care. He also kept taking off the chain holding him in.
That was really not an issue as he was not getting off until I came and pulled him out.

Little Leprechauns

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Wait, am I late? Oh that is right it was LAST month. Luckily this post is late, but I did get my act together on the actual day. 
However I had not planned to do anything. I know, me, ignoring a holiday, I must be off my meds. But seriously, the boys are so little and don’t care plus I am sure I have some green beads lying around somewhere we could throw on.
But then I stopped by JoAnn’s for some highly important item I am sure, and found myself throwing every St. Patrick’s day item I saw into my basket. Did I mention they were all on clearance? I have never felt more like my mom when I rolled into the beach house with a bag of St. Patrick’s decorations that included, but are not limited to shamrock centerpieces, shamrock springy headbands, Leprechaun hats, St. Patrick’s day plates and napkins. Aunt Vickie got a huge kick out of the similarities.
And while they did not notice the plates and decorations, Zach loved the hats and James did not notice he was wearing it so it was a win-win all for $15.

Why does my child NEVER have a shirt on?


The other day before bedtime Zach re-discovered his firefighter helmets and exclaimed that he and James were going to be firefighters. He ran to the back room and plopped a hat on James’ head and one on his own
Check out my baby. I die for those cheeks. He is trying to look around me at where his brother went.

Yep, still staring at his brother. Whatever Zach is doing is fascinating. 
I try not to interfere when Zach is playing with James as it makes them both so happy. I just watch closely to make sure he is not hurting him. All was fine until he picked up one of James’ arms and attempted to drag him away saying “Let’s go get in the fire truck!”.  I suggested using James’ toys as a truck which pacified Zach for a little bit at least.

Little Friends

Over spring break I took a couple days off and took the boys to Galveston. Since I can’t go places without help, I invited the Walls along. Oh and so I would not be lonely with the 6 of us, our friends Laura, Adam and Zach’s bestie, Ben. We stayed at my sweet, sweet Aunt’s Laura & Roxan’s condos with much help from Aunt Vickie, Uncle Rick and my cousins, Stephanie and Matthew. All of whom, as well as Matt’s girlfriend, Zach included in his list of who he was thankful for recently, PS.
Anyway, back to the weekend, the weather was amazing. So cool but with clear skies. Even the baby could last sitting in the shade. Zach was at first highly wary of the “brown water” but once he was able to explore on his own, he jumped right in. He was running in and out of the waves, making sand castles and digging holes with his shovel. 
He and Ben had the best time playing together. They are so cute and sweet to each other. I don’t think there was one fight over toys the entire weekend. They loved all the stairs and were constantly going up and down, jumping and sliding down.

This was super sweet. Ben ran up and grabbed Vince’s hands 
while Zach was holding Adam and Laura’s.

I die; I just die over this picture.

My boys

One of the best things about having two kids is watching them interact. Zach so desperately wants to play with James and James loves every second of Zach being near him. It is tough to share my time with them especially when I just want to cuddle that baby or read books to my big boy. While I know that will not fully change, I anticipate it getting better once the littlest doesn’t need me as much. 
Here they are on James’ christening day. Zach wanted to be right next to me, laying on James. James was totally fine with that as long as he could pull Zach’s hair and try to eat it. Zach did not mind one bit. Oh my sweet boys.

8 Months – just barely

Phew! That was close. James turns 9 months old on Saturday so I just eeked my way in with his 8 month pictures. So yes, he is going to look pretty similar when I take his 9 month photo. But that is just my life now. It took two different tries to get this just OK picture.

But oh how I love this baby. He is just the best. He is so chubby he will make your arm hurt if you hold him too long, but he looooves to be held. He is reaching and grabbing for everything in a foot radius of him. He pivots around while seated the lunges forward shrieking for the toy/dirty flip flop/pirate sword that is in front of him.

James started eating solid food this month. He loves these Baby Mum Mums which are like dried rice cereal or something. I don’t really know what they are, but they disintegrate into paste and he loves them. He also has had turkey, chicken, cheese, kiwi and french fries. He also eats any bread that is brought to our table at a restaurant. My refrain of “James, please don’t choke, Mommy is not done” is pretty common around here.

He is still crazy loud and vocal. What he likes to do best is, while at the dinner table he throws himself backwards so his head rests of the back of his highchair, sticks both hands in the air and yells, “BAAAAAAAAAA. Ahhh HHHAAAAAA”. Don’t try to talk over him. It is too loud. He says/screams “Ba”, “Ga”, and “Da”. I am working on Ma but he is refusing, naturally.

When I get him in the morning is the best part of my day. I remember this with Zach and it is just awesome. He is laying there talking to himself and kicking and he breaks into the biggest smile when he sees us. And kicks harder. I just love him to bits and don’t know what I did without him. Well, again I DO know what I did; I slept and had a life, but he is worth it. Most days.

PS His eyes are still blue. Yes they have brown freckles in them but they are blue, OLIVIA.