So Clever

As I have mentioned previously, I am obsessed with Pinterest. One of the first things I spotted with this fix for a hole in a little boy’s jeans.
I am totally doing this! 
I knew immediately I needed to recreate this on Zach’s nap sheet at school. When we were using it at home it got snagged on his bed springs (because we are classy and don’t use a bed skirt) and had two small holes. I knew it would be perfect to make a monster face with one eye.
Cute right? I was SO proud of myself! I thought it was darling and super clever. 
Guess who was completely unimpressed with my solution. 
Guess who did not even notice my creativeness.
Guess who decided to not craft ANY MORE FOR PEOPLE THAT DON’T GET ME.
Guess who instead posted it for the world aka my 4 followers who TOTALLY get me.
Me again. I can feel the love.

4 thoughts on “So Clever

  1. I can't even believe you posted this today. One of the things on my to do list tonight was to google ways to patch Jack's pants. It was meant to be!

  2. How do you think it will look on some of my work jeans and do you think my customers will get it and not think I am a bit strange. I would have to put a sign near by that says 'see my daughter's blog' to understand. Love, PWayne

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