8 Months – just barely

Phew! That was close. James turns 9 months old on Saturday so I just eeked my way in with his 8 month pictures. So yes, he is going to look pretty similar when I take his 9 month photo. But that is just my life now. It took two different tries to get this just OK picture.

But oh how I love this baby. He is just the best. He is so chubby he will make your arm hurt if you hold him too long, but he looooves to be held. He is reaching and grabbing for everything in a foot radius of him. He pivots around while seated the lunges forward shrieking for the toy/dirty flip flop/pirate sword that is in front of him.

James started eating solid food this month. He loves these Baby Mum Mums which are like dried rice cereal or something. I don’t really know what they are, but they disintegrate into paste and he loves them. He also has had turkey, chicken, cheese, kiwi and french fries. He also eats any bread that is brought to our table at a restaurant. My refrain of “James, please don’t choke, Mommy is not done” is pretty common around here.

He is still crazy loud and vocal. What he likes to do best is, while at the dinner table he throws himself backwards so his head rests of the back of his highchair, sticks both hands in the air and yells, “BAAAAAAAAAA. Ahhh HHHAAAAAA”. Don’t try to talk over him. It is too loud. He says/screams “Ba”, “Ga”, and “Da”. I am working on Ma but he is refusing, naturally.

When I get him in the morning is the best part of my day. I remember this with Zach and it is just awesome. He is laying there talking to himself and kicking and he breaks into the biggest smile when he sees us. And kicks harder. I just love him to bits and don’t know what I did without him. Well, again I DO know what I did; I slept and had a life, but he is worth it. Most days.

PS His eyes are still blue. Yes they have brown freckles in them but they are blue, OLIVIA.

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