Little Friends

Over spring break I took a couple days off and took the boys to Galveston. Since I can’t go places without help, I invited the Walls along. Oh and so I would not be lonely with the 6 of us, our friends Laura, Adam and Zach’s bestie, Ben. We stayed at my sweet, sweet Aunt’s Laura & Roxan’s condos with much help from Aunt Vickie, Uncle Rick and my cousins, Stephanie and Matthew. All of whom, as well as Matt’s girlfriend, Zach included in his list of who he was thankful for recently, PS.
Anyway, back to the weekend, the weather was amazing. So cool but with clear skies. Even the baby could last sitting in the shade. Zach was at first highly wary of the “brown water” but once he was able to explore on his own, he jumped right in. He was running in and out of the waves, making sand castles and digging holes with his shovel. 
He and Ben had the best time playing together. They are so cute and sweet to each other. I don’t think there was one fight over toys the entire weekend. They loved all the stairs and were constantly going up and down, jumping and sliding down.

This was super sweet. Ben ran up and grabbed Vince’s hands 
while Zach was holding Adam and Laura’s.

I die; I just die over this picture.

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