Rodeo Time

The Rodeo was in town a few weeks back and I took Zach one morning with the promise to see cows and get him a cowboy hat. We got to see a cow being born and got him the snazzy straw and red hat you see below.
We walked all through the Kids Country where we saw baby chicks, baby pigs and a huge longhorn. We watched the pig races and the tractor pull. And he rode a pony named Red and in the petting zoo touched a pig, a lamb and another pony.
But what does he talk the most about? The carnival rides. He got to ride the carousel and the train that runs in a circle. He. Was. THRILLED.

I love the little girl in the back of this photo, I could not cut her out.
She is smiling like she is supposed to be there.

Please notice my child’s intensity on the train. He can obviously not affect the direction
of the train, but he does not care. He also kept taking off the chain holding him in.
That was really not an issue as he was not getting off until I came and pulled him out.

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