One of the unexpected things about life with 3 boys is how much one-on-one time Alex and get with each boy. When I take Zach to a birthday party; Alex is home with James. Or when James is NOT having any part of getting in the car, I am home with him and Alex is off with Zach to the park. I get my cuddly baby time and my big-boy time. And I am pretty sure that Alex spends more time with James at this age then he did when Zach was a baby. When you just have one, moms tend to do most of the work when both parents are home. So count in that Alex was rarely home during that time, it is just so different. Now someone always has a child with them at home. Period – the end. 
Alex really wants everyone reading to James, so he takes it upon himself often. Sometimes it is one of James’ books but sometimes it is Sports Illustrated. Words are words.
I snuck up on them reading one morning and they were both fully engaged in the book. Until they heard my camera, then I got the stick eye for interrupting.

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