Art by Zach

A few months back (why is everything a few months back, PS) Zach’s teachers mentioned that he is really not interested in coloring, drawing or writing. He does it, but he holds the crayon super lose and does not want to do it for long. So we were “encouraged” to have him draw, write and use stickers at home. Becuase I will have more success? Ummm, no. You have seem the “success” of my attempted craft projects….
But I saw this on Pinterest. Still, that seemed like a LOT of work, which got me thinking about the chalk floor mat I bought 3 years ago at the Nutcracker Market that was just sitting in the closet. I thought that mat, plus a few snaps could become a cover for Zach’s inside table.
Sure enough, a set of large snaps and hammer later, it was done and wow does he like it.
The very first night he and his dad sat down and drew this castle complete with a dragon with hair like Zachary (aka on his forehead). They both were super into it I had force them to go to bed. I don’t know that it is his first choice of things to do, but it seems to make drawing more fun. For now at least.

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