While at the beach, Vince introduced Zach and I to crabbing on the bay side. Vince was obsessed very into getting crabs so he went over to the bay side about every 3 hours to check the nets. We had to stop on the way in to get crab nets and chicken necks. Gross.
But Vince and Zach went over and set them up and he showed Zach how to pull up the nets slowly at first then faster so that the crabs don’t jump out. And to my surprise (but not his) he actually caught 4 the first day!

Zach loved to look at the crabs in the cooler. But he did not want to touch 
or eat them.
Liv caught a stone crab with just one huge claw.

Love his face. The crab is obviously dead and he is really not so sure about that claw.

James was equally confused. Not scared but 
annoyed that this was not something he could get into his mouth.
Moms are so annoying that way.

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