9 Months

This month I am actually totally fine with James being 9 months. Most likely because he is actually 10 months now.

But even when it was real…him being 9 months did not make me want to hide under my desk – or in a closet. I love him at this age. He is still so “baby”; chubby and giggly and snuggly. He weighs almost 20lbs which I do not know because I took him to his 9 month check up – that would be good mothering. Nope he has an ear infection, caught early this time. He will get his 9 month check up done later this month. Maybe.

He just cut both his bottom teeth which we are all (his nanny included) glad are here. Those teeth are trying to turn my sweet baby into a monster. Normally he is so happy and loud but not the past few weeks. He turned very clingy and starting chewing on me. Not awesome.

James would like to be moving and I am pretty sure he is going to be a scooter like his brother. (side note: why are my children so weird??) He still sits up then throws himself forward to grab something, showing flexibility that he does not get from the Walls, and pulls himself back upright or falls on his face and starts to roll around. He also pivots around on his bottom and has really gained some movement with that. He can pivot to go backwards. He does not go on all fours, he does not rock. (see photo above of his “stuck” position). He just sits, flails and pivots.

Anyway, normal non-teething James still “talks” constantly and very, very loudly. But my favorite thing he does right now is dance. When you sing the intro to Cat in the Hat which is “Here we go, go, go, on an adventure…” he puts his hands up and wiggles back and forth. Very in-the-club really. He also claps and blows kisses when you say bye-bye. I have the best nanny ever. You know I did not teach him that.

What some of you might have caught on to is that this means my baby watches TV. That is right. Alert the APA immediately. Every morning as Zach is eating his breakfast and watching Cat in the Hat on PBS, James is strapped in next to him eating puffs and singing/trying to grab his brothers’ breakfast. It is the only way I can get ready for work and not have someone talking to me while I try to put on my mascara. And he loooooves Cat in the Hat. I will walk in an both boys will be mesmerized by Cat going into the swirly wirly ocean or bouncing along with a song about putting on layers of clothing. PS I feel no guilt at all. Not one bit. It is not like he is watching Maury or Jersey Shore.

James has had something unfortunate happen this month…he is now sporting the reverse horseshoe. AKA hair on top and around the collar but NO WHERE ELSE. It is very mohawk looking straight on but from the back, the ring of hair at the bottom is pretty terrible. I don’t know what is going on, but every day his hawk gets smaller. I guess this is what people talk about when babies hair falls out and comes back in different? And let me tell you this in between phase is not doing him any favors…but I do like to spike it up. This did not happen to Zach and I don’t appreciate the twinners trying to be different. Let’s keep mommy in her comfort zone for a few more months.

James at 8 months

James at 7 months

James at 6 months

James at 5 months

James at 4 months
James at 3 months
James at 2 months
James at 1 month

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