Mornings around here

My favorite thing to do on the weekend mornings it to let Zach get in bed and “play” with James. It buys us a good 20 minutes of child-free quietish time. Our rooms are close enough that I can hear everything and am able to run in there when I hear “James eat this!” etc.
But both the boys love it. I can tell when James first sees Zach by how his coos change from annoyed to excited. We have started putting up the railing in the hopes James might be close to pulling up (not happening) and Zach is none to pleased that he can’t get in there on his own any longer. Frankly I am not either. That means I have stumble in there and put it down for him. That is 30 seconds I could be laying in bed pretending I am 25 again.

PS I will only being buying matching pajamas from now on. So. stinkin. cute.

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