Who you callin’ chicken?

Yes, that is my baby shirtless gnawing on a chicken bone, why?

We are classy over here in H-town, didn’t you know? I literally just gave the baby the bone to keep him quiet so Zach could finish his dinner. But once I got the camera to take a picture of James with his first chicken bone, guess who hopped off his chair to get in the picture.

Fireman for a day

Our neighborhood Mom’s group organizes each year a visit to our local fire station. We have a swanky new one that was built about 2 years ago. One Saturday morning, Zach and I headed over there to meet the firemen and see where they stay.
It was fun for adults too! We spoke to the fire chief and thanked him for his team’s service (we also took cookies). Zach got to climb all over the firetruck and ambulance. They also let the kids go into the cab of the truck and look around. 
His main question was regarding the basketball hoop in the garage. He really wanted to know when they played basketball and how much.
This was the best pic we could get of Zach and his oldest friend, Sophie. 
I promise she is not really THAT much taller than him. 
She is tall, but not quite that big.

His favorite part of the day was getting to work the fire hose. The fireman was so helpful and patient! He let him hold the hose and showed him how to turn it off and on slowly. Zach was awestruck.

Wall Family Tradition

As has become our annual Mother’s Day tradition, we went to brunch at Ousie’s place. Well, technically, Ousie’s was booked so we went to their sister restaurant, Bird and the Bear. We finished off the morning with ice cream down the street. It was the night after Tami’s graduation celebration making it a very Wall filled weekend. It was a fun lunch, better than being pregnant and having lunch with a concrete dog.

He actually wanted to take a picture with me. This was odd.
Also odd; the travel hairbrush he is clutching and played with the entire brunch.

Zach loving his blue ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.

Another Lawyer

Just what the world needs, right? Yes that is what we need because it is everyone’s favorite Auntie Tami! She graduated from U of H a few weekends ago and we showed up in force to cheer her on. Well, technically Zach and Alex went with the family to cheer her on and James and I arrived after his nap to celebrate. It was pretty hot under the tents, but Zach played around in the grass and James got to be held by a bunch of pretty girls so he was a happy guy.

You might recognize Ben‘s dad, Adam in this pic. 
He was the professor doing the “hooding”
for all the graduates (or whatever the smart people call it).
As usual my child tries to steal the spotlight (wherever does he get that from) 
as he has Tami’s dad, a nuclear engineer, 
detangling his slinky from the pole he wrapped it around.

yes, this happened

Someday I will have a nice family photo. Maybe?

Sweet sounds of silence

It has become more and more prevalent these days that the boys will play together. Which is awesome. You can tell by James’ hair (in the fact he has some) that these were taken a few months ago. As long as James is not trying to take one of Zach’s toys he is playing with that second, he leaves the baby alone. This buys me a few short minutes to cook dinner, go to the bathroom or check Facebook. Very important stuff. 
Recently Zach is no longer thinking James is so little, so wrestling and “hugging” the baby, has started. This has cut into my quiet time. Luckily, James is very vocal when he is being squished. He makes this distinctive groan and I automatically say “Zach, get off your brother!” no matter if I can see them or not.

10 Months

James is 10 months! He is getting so big and is now so, so bald. There are just some little wisps of hair around his head with a little tuft in the back, as Zach says, “He has some hair behind him.” His eyes are similar to the color of his number. They look brown at first but really they are a blue/grey with brown flecks in them. Especially compared to Zach’s dark brown eyes, they do not look brown.

He is babbling and saying “uh oh” when something is dropped, when he poops or sees my parents little white dog. I don’t really understand why he calls Weeza “uh oh” but it is amusing. He likes to yell “Daaaaa” at both Norman and Alex. He waves bye-bye and blows kisses and can say “bye-bye” but he prefers to just stare at people when they leave.

James can’t quite kick his leg out to fully crawl yet, but he is doing the army crawl all over the hard wood. He gets a bit frustrated and starts whining when he has to cross carpet. Alex really thinks he is more aggressive than Zach, as when he really wants something he does a quick swipe and grab. We don’t remember Zach being quite so quick or grabby. But still I don’t know that I agree.

However….I did get a note on his 2nd day of daycare regarding him “hugging/grabbing” his new friends. Hmmmm.

His two bottom teeth are through and he is using them to eat everything. With that quick swipe and grab, he gets things that he should not into his mouth. So he has eaten shrimp, french fries, mac and cheese, chicken and grilled cheese. The only thing he still does not like are peaches. Fresh or canned he wants nothing to do with them. He would, however, eat bananas all day long.

James at 9 months

James at 8 months

James at 7 months

James at 6 months

James at 5 months

James at 4 months
James at 3 months
James at 2 months
James at 1 month