Fireman for a day

Our neighborhood Mom’s group organizes each year a visit to our local fire station. We have a swanky new one that was built about 2 years ago. One Saturday morning, Zach and I headed over there to meet the firemen and see where they stay.
It was fun for adults too! We spoke to the fire chief and thanked him for his team’s service (we also took cookies). Zach got to climb all over the firetruck and ambulance. They also let the kids go into the cab of the truck and look around. 
His main question was regarding the basketball hoop in the garage. He really wanted to know when they played basketball and how much.
This was the best pic we could get of Zach and his oldest friend, Sophie. 
I promise she is not really THAT much taller than him. 
She is tall, but not quite that big.

His favorite part of the day was getting to work the fire hose. The fireman was so helpful and patient! He let him hold the hose and showed him how to turn it off and on slowly. Zach was awestruck.

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