2 boys, 2 pools, plenty of room

Or so you would think. I finally got another baby pool so they would stop squishing into one, but they still do. Or Zach jumps in between them like he is doing here. I was playing around with the action setting on my camera to try to catch him in action. I loved his reactions while he was jumping – such joy.

What I was not paying attention to were my baby’s reactions. He was minding his own business playing with his ball until his brother decided to jump on him. Then he gets the h** of the way as fast as a walrus can.

Skinny, skinny thighs

My Baby

I. Love. That. Face.

Thanks to my dad for capturing my baby in all his chubby glory.

He is perched in his favorite position: banging on the window at Norman while saying, “dooooog” and “ooof, ooof, ooof”. And looking very serious, per usual.

Morning Boys!

This is a typical morning at the Wall house. Boys in matching pajamas eating breakfast and watching Cat in the Hat. You will notice one of them is not to be trusted with a plate or even with his place mat. I thought I was pretty darn smart for taping it down. OK, I DO think I am pretty smart.

James is always interested in what Zachary is doing. 
Oh when will my big boy figure out how to smile again?
Dancing to the Cat in the Hat theme song. Or any music, any beat, any time.
Hi! Mommy loves you and wants to kiss your face off.

11 Months

Can you believe this bald guy? His hair is still not growing back in. I decided though it is God’s way of giving me a baby for a while since he is most likely my last baby. And James still totally looks like a baby, which I do love.

But oh he is on the move! He crawls so fast now. One of his favorite things to do is play chase with Alex. He crawls away laughing as fast as he can while Alex crawls behind him. It is freakin’ adorable. He also started pulling up on everything but not really cruising just yet.

His teacher sent a note home the other day asking if he could please have some shoes. Of course poor second baby had no shoes. I dug the one in the photo out of storage but it was too small for his fat foot. I had to make Liv go with me to the outlet malls to get him some Crocs and Robies. He at first refused to have anything to do with shoes, he would scream when you put them on, but now is obsessed. If he sees shoes, anyone’s shoes, he wants to put them on. Now. At least he has stopped trying to lick the bottom of them. Cut to me screaming “NOOOOOOO!” and flying across the room as he licks the bottom of Zach’s shoe from toe to heel.

James has had a ton of ear infections this month and ear tubes are in his future. But he is just the sweetest, happiest baby otherwise. People say he is very serious. I don’t really see it, but of course I am his mother and totally skewed. I think the fact he just stares at people for a good long while without smiling is not helping his case. Most likely he is a genius and that is why he comes across so serious.

James at 10 months

James at 9 months

James at 8 months

James at 7 months

James at 6 months

James at 5 months

James at 4 months
James at 3 months
James at 2 months
James at 1 month

Elephant in the Room

Hello my loyal followers! I know the 6 of you have been missing me. Actually I know for a fact that Jan Larson has been missing me (Hi Jan!) and thought I would give a little update on what happened to cause me to miss 6 weeks of blogging. Since my followers know I love lists, I have made one for this occasion.

1. I went back to work full time. Suddenly. In the span of a week I was offered a job in a different part of my company (one I had applied for months ago and wanted for a while), was offered said job, and told I was starting the next Monday. I had to figure out what to do with the boys after school. Luckily James’ former nanny was free and said she could pick them up from school and stay with them until I got home. God-send.

2. My newest niece, Vivian Frances was born June 28th, the spitting image of my sister. With my reddish hair. I die. I spent the weekend with her while the Walls and Alex covered my boys.

3. James turned one and we had his birthday party at the house. The first week I was back to work full time. It is really a blur. Except that I of course have copious pictures thanks to my parents who came to help. They could sense the desperation from 300 miles away.

4. My Junior League volunteering duty, to make 21 baby blankets and 42 burb clothes was due. You know I did not plan ahead and still had half of those to do at night and when someone was not talking to me/crying at my ankles or needing to be fed.

5.  James had 4 ear infections and finally ear tube surgery. We have not been to the doctor in a week and I am going through withdrawals. Not really; it is glorious.

Now that things have settled down a bit and we are in more of a routine,  I have recommitted myself to being a better blogger.  I really like this blog and think it has been a great way to remember my boys young life. I did manage to finish our 2010 (yes, that is correct, 2010) scrapbook complete with blog entries and it made me so, so happy. Plus I don’t need to give James more reason feel neglected and marry a stripper. The 2+ years of the blog being all about Zachary is enough. I can totally do better.

I know the six of you are thrilled.

Deja Vu

I was searching through the blog recently looking for a picture of Zach in an outfit that James is going to wear for our upcoming family photos and I stumbled upon a post entitled Missing Age when Zach was 13-14 months old. I talk about my need for parenting advice. That part is highly laughable as with James I just wing it. I don’t have time to read books about what I should or should not be doing, if he is not crying – we are good.

The post also perfectly describles my littlest boy right now. I had managed to block it out entirely.

“On one hand this is an awesome age. He is still a baby in so many ways, like how he curls up on me when he is tired and the sweet new words that come out each day. BUT with one turn he morphs into a toddler who screams and cries when I put him down to get him more cheese and throws his food on the ground because he is sooo hungry and soooo mad that he is made to sit in his highchair. I am constantly in a state of adoration followed closely by exasperation.”

PS Yes I am just pretending I have not been MIA for 6 weeks.