Elephant in the Room

Hello my loyal followers! I know the 6 of you have been missing me. Actually I know for a fact that Jan Larson has been missing me (Hi Jan!) and thought I would give a little update on what happened to cause me to miss 6 weeks of blogging. Since my followers know I love lists, I have made one for this occasion.

1. I went back to work full time. Suddenly. In the span of a week I was offered a job in a different part of my company (one I had applied for months ago and wanted for a while), was offered said job, and told I was starting the next Monday. I had to figure out what to do with the boys after school. Luckily James’ former nanny was free and said she could pick them up from school and stay with them until I got home. God-send.

2. My newest niece, Vivian Frances was born June 28th, the spitting image of my sister. With my reddish hair. I die. I spent the weekend with her while the Walls and Alex covered my boys.

3. James turned one and we had his birthday party at the house. The first week I was back to work full time. It is really a blur. Except that I of course have copious pictures thanks to my parents who came to help. They could sense the desperation from 300 miles away.

4. My Junior League volunteering duty, to make 21 baby blankets and 42 burb clothes was due. You know I did not plan ahead and still had half of those to do at night and when someone was not talking to me/crying at my ankles or needing to be fed.

5.  James had 4 ear infections and finally ear tube surgery. We have not been to the doctor in a week and I am going through withdrawals. Not really; it is glorious.

Now that things have settled down a bit and we are in more of a routine,  I have recommitted myself to being a better blogger.  I really like this blog and think it has been a great way to remember my boys young life. I did manage to finish our 2010 (yes, that is correct, 2010) scrapbook complete with blog entries and it made me so, so happy. Plus I don’t need to give James more reason feel neglected and marry a stripper. The 2+ years of the blog being all about Zachary is enough. I can totally do better.

I know the six of you are thrilled.

4 thoughts on “Elephant in the Room

  1. I suspected your absence was due to too much going on and you have confirmed that. Glad things are leveling out so you can get the time again to keep us informed. Love, PWayne

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