11 Months

Can you believe this bald guy? His hair is still not growing back in. I decided though it is God’s way of giving me a baby for a while since he is most likely my last baby. And James still totally looks like a baby, which I do love.

But oh he is on the move! He crawls so fast now. One of his favorite things to do is play chase with Alex. He crawls away laughing as fast as he can while Alex crawls behind him. It is freakin’ adorable. He also started pulling up on everything but not really cruising just yet.

His teacher sent a note home the other day asking if he could please have some shoes. Of course poor second baby had no shoes. I dug the one in the photo out of storage but it was too small for his fat foot. I had to make Liv go with me to the outlet malls to get him some Crocs and Robies. He at first refused to have anything to do with shoes, he would scream when you put them on, but now is obsessed. If he sees shoes, anyone’s shoes, he wants to put them on. Now. At least he has stopped trying to lick the bottom of them. Cut to me screaming “NOOOOOOO!” and flying across the room as he licks the bottom of Zach’s shoe from toe to heel.

James has had a ton of ear infections this month and ear tubes are in his future. But he is just the sweetest, happiest baby otherwise. People say he is very serious. I don’t really see it, but of course I am his mother and totally skewed. I think the fact he just stares at people for a good long while without smiling is not helping his case. Most likely he is a genius and that is why he comes across so serious.

James at 10 months

James at 9 months

James at 8 months

James at 7 months

James at 6 months

James at 5 months

James at 4 months
James at 3 months
James at 2 months
James at 1 month

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