When James was home with his nanny Morena before he could go to school with Zach they would go to the library reading time every Tuesday and Thursday. She would walk him there. In the heat. It is not that far but I would not walk it. And James loved it. He loves all music so she said he would dance and clap his hands and come home with stamps on his hands for “doing a good job”.

Zach has been wanting to go to “James’ library” since he heard about it. Now that Morena gets the boys from school and stays with them until I get home, they all go to the library to play on the computer and read books. However he did not have a library card to take books home.

He asked last time they were there and was told he needed a parent to sign. He has, of course, been telling Alex and I about it ever since. “I need a parent, Mommy, not a nanny, a parent, to go get me a library card.” He was not all that disturbed about the delay, just really wanted to relay the rules to us. So helpful.

So a couple weeks ago I took a morning off from work to go to storytime and get Zach a library card. I was super excited! This was going to be a fun morning with my boys! Reading books; listening to music, so, so great.

It was a complete nightmare.

When I have told my stay at home mom friends this story they all immediately make a face and start shaking their heads when I get to the part about me taking off work for story time. Why? Because it is jam packed with nannies and their charges. I mean packed. Also Zach decided he was tired or overhwhelmed and didn’t want to dance or sing or listen. Then one of his friends from school showed up but didn’t recongize Zach and seemed terrified to talk to him which sent my chatter box into a spiral of “Why didn’t he want to talk to me, Mommy?” It is very hard to explain to non-shy children why a shy child won’t/can’t talk to them. I feel it is the undisclosed side of shyness. But I digress.

All this time while I am trying to comfort Zach, get him to get off my lap and do something, James is trying to crawl away from me and up and on everyone and everything. I am literally pulling him by his legs across the carpet back to me.

I had to get the hell out of there. It had been 10 minutes.

But before we could go there was the little matter of the library card. Zach immediately spotted a Cars 2 book he wanted to check out, and the one right next to it (he could get 2) and we were off to the very high-tech book scanner to check out his books.

He was so thrilled! He read them on the way home and then again that night. And he loves his library card.


Go, Go Gadget

The other day Alex said that I was “really into gadgets” and I was highly offended. What did he mean, “into gadgets”?? He mumbled something about “really liking small electronic things”. I, of course made a face and said he could not BE more wrong and he obviously did not know me at all. AT ALL! In typical Alex manner he just shrugged and walked off.

Fast forward to last week when I discovered the gift my friend Charldean had given me for my birthday. It is a portable iPhone charger. I keep forgetting to charge my phone at night and remembered this when I was panicked about my phone dying when I need to call someone. Urgently. 

I charged it up and it worked like a charm! It gave me just enough juice to get out of the red zone and you just recharge it by plugging it into the USB port of your computer. I love it and will be giving these as my standard gift from now on. You are having a baby? Here is your Mophie charger. You got a new job? Enjoy the Mophie! 

Some might call it an small electronic thing.

Up in the Air

This video makes me want another baby. Can you even stand it? Those huge eyes; that enormous chin! I used to watch this video at work when I was still nursing and I thought he was so animated.

Animated like a beached wale.

But I do still adore this video. I am still so in love with this little boy of mine I can’t even stand it.

Not so much my profile and kissing noises. Gross, my apologies on that.

Totally Normal

When my niece Vivan was born I kept commenting on how precious and perfect and tiny she was. Especially her head. It was so small! In a good way, not disproportionate to her body. Just perfectly small.

At some point my mother finally threw up her hands and informed me that Vivi’s head is not small; my children’s head are huge. What? I mean they are large of course (have you SEEN the Wall’s heads?) but seriously, huge is a bit of an overstatement. And I am pretty certain Vivi is a tiny little bird.

Then I watched this video I took of James crawling.

Damn. That woman is right again.

Happy Birthday James!

This is the pool we rented for James’ 1st birthday party.

This is James’ brother coming down the slide we rented for James’ first birthday party.

This is not James’ friend…

This is not James’ friend…


Close but no…

Aha! Lily will count as his friend though you can tell she is not pleased about it.

And here is the birthday boy with his Auntie Tami and his trademark stare.

FINALLY! One of James’ friends.

James, what are you doing? Stop trying to push Margaret Hull down! She is one of only 3 friends you have at your birthday party!

And Nora who is his only friend from school at his party. To be fair, she made the cut as she is the sister of one of Zach’s friends.

Poor second baby.