Go, Go Gadget

The other day Alex said that I was “really into gadgets” and I was highly offended. What did he mean, “into gadgets”?? He mumbled something about “really liking small electronic things”. I, of course made a face and said he could not BE more wrong and he obviously did not know me at all. AT ALL! In typical Alex manner he just shrugged and walked off.

Fast forward to last week when I discovered the gift my friend Charldean had given me for my birthday. It is a portable iPhone charger. I keep forgetting to charge my phone at night and remembered this when I was panicked about my phone dying when I need to call someone. Urgently. 

I charged it up and it worked like a charm! It gave me just enough juice to get out of the red zone and you just recharge it by plugging it into the USB port of your computer. I love it and will be giving these as my standard gift from now on. You are having a baby? Here is your Mophie charger. You got a new job? Enjoy the Mophie! 

Some might call it an small electronic thing. 


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