First Family Vacation Round 2

In early September we finally took our first family vacation now that James has joined us. I say “finally” because it was rescheduled quite a few times due to Alex’s work. We went to San Antonio to the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch. It was great; super kid friendly with two water slides, a playground and a lazy river. We booked a 2 room suite which was not that much more $$ and was totally worth it. I would like to say that the boys shared a room but that would be a lie. Zach stayed in the room and James had to sleep in his pack and play in the bathroom. That is right, the bathroom.

James is not what you would call a good traveler. I take that back, he is great in the car, doesn’t mind eating out, but the sleeping, that is where he gets very particualar. So he would wake up 2-4 times a night crying for no apparent reason. Luckily Zach is a heavy sleeper and that combined with the white noise I had pumping in his room he didn’t wake up to the shrill screams echoing from the bathroom.

While we were there we mainly hung around the hotel, swam a lot, rested/watched movies and ate. We had a full kitchen which I only used for the microwave and fridge. Which was 100% fine by me.

We arrived on a Sunday and that Tuesday we realized that Sea World was closing for the year that day. Oh they are open year round, but not during the week. We had planned to go first thing in the morning when it was cool and the boys could explore. Not going to happen. So we threw the boys in the car at 4:00 and raced across the freeway for 1.5 hours at Sea World. I am not even going to discuss how much that cost us.

My boys in one of the few air conditioned areas watching the penguins. What you can’t tell is that James is currently screaming his head off and I had to go find a restroom to change a disgusting diaper (my last one, natch) right after I took this photo.

Can you tell how hot it was? So, so hot, I sat in the splash zone and willed Shamu to splash me. James was nonplussed with the entire thing. Though he did enjoy waving at the whales and clapping to the music. But his face said, “I will cut you.”

We spent the majority of our time in the lazy river and pool. The river had a very gradual entrance where James liked to sit and splash. And try to drown himself. I am not kidding. He would routinely crawl directly into the water until it covered his nose then be VERY mad at me for pulling him back. He did this constantly.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you. I had to throw my camera down 30 seconds later to rescue him. Again.

Zach is too small for this slide. You are supposed to be 4 foot or something. Don’t think that discouraged Alex. He just put him on his lap and down they went. They both loved it. And lucky (?) for us there were hardly any other people there so we didn’t get caught. Because I would have died of embarrassment.

Don’t adjust your screen, we really are this white.

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