Riverwallk and the ‘stache

The other perk about visiting San Antonio is that we get to hang out with one of our favorite family’s, who have these two precious things, Jett and Rory.

It was my bright idea to go down to the Riverwalk and ride a boat to dinner. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

What? No, you don’t think it sounds lovely considering it was 100 degrees and I have a baby? You are too little, too late my friend.

We just didn’t have it planned correctly. I thought the boats ran all the time from the end of the line. Nope, every 30 minutes. You know what else? They only take cash. I won’t bore you with the details of us walking 1/3 of the way down the river walk, Alex going to a Valero store to get cash, me having to change yet another gross diaper after realizing the wipes were in the car, Stephanie getting wet paper towels from the lock operators or the meltdown three of us had at dinner becuase we were hot, tired and hungry.

Please just enjoy these lovely photo of a seemingly nice family with nice friends on the riverwalk.

James’ face is, as usual conveying the true emotion of the group.

Why am I here? Seriously, what is wrong with my family? 
I think I spot some normal people up on that bridge.

These people have kidnapped me and I want air-conditioning. 
I hate you all.

Guess who is like his dad and loved the adventure of it all? Of course it is easy to not be hot when you are wearing a tank top and playing with the boat provided umbrella.

What is this you ask? I am so glad we are having this conversation today. This is Alex’s facial hair growth after 4 days. And oh, did he love to show off the mustache. I had to keep taking pictures of it and sending it to him and his friends. For them to make fun of.

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