Pinterest Made Me Do It

At the end of the summer I wanted to give something special to all the boys teachers to thank them for all they had done during the summer session. I especially wanted to thank James’ teacher who is such a loving and wonderful lady and made his transition to school pretty painless.

I spotted these cube sticky notes in bright colors at Randalls and thought I could build off that but one mysteriously disappeared before I could put it all together. It is somewhere with one Spiderman sock, a cowboy hat and multiple balls.

So I let Zach pick out Tervis tumblers for his teachers and put some lemonade and iced coffee packs in them along with a tag thanks to Pinterest. For for the baby teachers I could use the cubes and included some Advil, chocolate and yummy chapstick with a simple tag. They all got a kick out of the Advil.

This was the perfect example of how Pinterest made my life easier. I already was planning on doing this and I easily found tags for each, printed and cut them out. Pre-Pinterest (I shudder at the thought) I would have created something myself which would have taken much longer and not been nearly as cute.

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