Angry German

Last weekend we made our annual trip to the Houston Zoo Boo. You know who was there?

An angry German.

Ah James. My darling 15 month old pain in the….This is his standard face. He is angry all the time (I don’t know why either, Tim McGraw). We put him in the lederhosen purchased in Austria and sported by his brother here and here. He filled it out perfectly and looked adorable. But he might cut you if you get too close.
People would ask what he was and I would reply, “An angry German.”. They all shook their heads as if that made perfect sense. Being German myself I take no offense.
Spiderman was also in attendance, shooting his web and being too tired to walk.

This was the first year we actually decorated a mini-pumpkin. Usually we just pop in, take a photo and a pumpkin and leave. But Zach was into coloring the pumpkin with the paint pens they had for them. It is currently on his nighstand.

What is this?! A smile out of James? I know. I am as shocked as you. Alex snapped this in one hot minute of him not being angry and right before he threw that pumpkin at my head. It is serious over here people.

But then, look at this. Doesn’t he look just like a 60 year old German man?

I am pretty sure if he knew some German cuss words he would be yelling them at you right now though. Or any cuss words for that matter.

One thought on “Angry German

  1. He needs to come to Wurstfest to dance and sing. He will look like many other there. Then maybe he will be happy. I know I always am when I get there. PWayne

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