Scenes from a party

Way back in July when my baby turned one I threw a party. Remember? In typical Kinsey fashion I was very proud of myself and made my dad take excessive photos of the decorations because I know everyone would just be dying to see.

You are welcome.

Naturally the idea was spawned from Pinterest and my Granny making cupcakes in ice cream cones. I actually did not go THAT overboard, but we had fruit in ice cream cones, rice crispys shaped like popsicles and on sticks (technically a total fail as the heat kept melting the marshmallow) and wooden spoons.

How did this photo of a child get in here? 
Oh yes, to show that Caroline was a HUGE fan of my wooden spoons and ice cream cups. 
Isn’t she darling loving my theme?

And this photo I just liked of three dads “watching” the children. At least Matt was holding a child while drinking. Wait…that might make him the bad guy.

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