That Pumpkin is Grumpy

For the first time this year we carved a pumpkin. I personally wanted to avoid it one more year given the mess that I certainly would have to clean up. But Alex was determined to carve one this year so out we trekked to a pumpkin patch Whole Foods to pick just the right pumpkin the only one without mold on it. That is what you get for buying a pumpkin the Saturday before Halloween.

Zach was very excited to scoop out the seeds talking the entire time about how they did this at his school.
Great, you have done it – we get it, live in the moment Zachary!

James was doing this the entire time:

Still waving the carrot bat around:

And the final pumpkin. Zach insisted that it had eyebrows…not a complete fail but I am pretty sure the ladies at Nail Salon would disapprove.

Can we also discuss the hodgepodge of pumpkins on my front porch this year? Do you see the little one on the right trying to distance himself from the disaster on the left? We have no fewer than 4:
1. Painted one when I was feeling like Zach and I should be creative
2. Fake one that obviously looks the best but whose cap has been removed by a grumpy baby in an attempt to burn himself on the candle.
3. Random pumpkin purchased thinking Zach had to take one to school. Nope. Just for our viewing pleasure.
4. And finally grumpy pumpkin.

For all my sarcasm it actually was a really nice family evening. Zach was so proud of the pumpkin and took great pride in getting it all set up with the candle. Then he and Alex played “soccer” in the front yard until the mosquitoes took over. Even James had a good time, though you would not know it from his signature James face.

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