A wolf could totally blow it down

For James’ birthday his Ollie and Grandpa Vince brought him a cardboard playhouse (also owned by Mason Disicks) which the boys quickly became enamored with. Zach stores all his chairs and toys in there and James enjoys aggressively batting the door open and crawling inside.Now that he can walk he aggressively opens the door and walks inside. It is mildly funny as he doesn’t even have to bend down to get inside. It is his perfect size.

I wrote “James and Zach ONLY” on the door so I refuse to go in. Sweet Auntie Tami goes in there but not me. It smells and is dirty. I can stay outside and experience that.

But I do pop my head in the windows and doors scaring the two little boys inside which results in peals of laughter and screaming. Oh the joys of childhood.

Well hello there serious..

One thought on “A wolf could totally blow it down

  1. It is need of shoring up after the use it has had. It will be interesting to see how much longer it will hold up and not fall down. And not by the 'blow of a wolf'. PWayne

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