Weekend Edition

I had grand plans for getting the blog rolling this week after a week off  (doing what I don’t know) but the flu came to visit us this week and just left today. And by left I mean I finally have an appetite again and only a fever of 99. Luckily James bounced back and was in school on Thursday and Zach and Alex managed to not get it so far.

I thought everyone might enjoy knowing how our last weekend shaped up. Besides it being absurdly hot here it was the usual busy Wall’s weekend – park, Einstein’s, trying to force a 3 year old to nap, etc.

Until Saturday night when Alex decided to get the Cutty out for a drive. You remember the Cutty right? The joy of Alex’s life, totally worth the insurance, registration fees and monthly storage costs. To him.

Well on Saturday he wanted to take it out to wash it and then drive it to dinner and a holiday party. You all know I just love being driven around in 85 degree heat and high humidity in a car with no AC. But I digress.

We made it to dinner fine, but the Cutty stalled in the parking lot in front of the valet stand. Might I mention this parking lot was a one way in – one way out parking lot with not a lot of turning room. Luckily I was already at the table or I would have had to run inside pretending I didn’t know the man steering the car into a spot being pushed by valets.

Oh don’t worry, after dinner it started up just fine and we headed to the party. We pulled up next to our friends at a red light at which time we realized the breaks were out. And by we, I mean Alex blew through the red light and yelled “I think the brakes are out!”. He was pumping them to no avail. Luckily I remained calm, which may surprise many of you, but my survival training immediately kicked in. And by “survival training” I mean the fact that I think every worst case scenario on TV is going to happen to me. I can tell you how I would get out of a car under water (though I do actually need to know that living in Houston), how to get myself and children out of a car if it starts on fire at the gas station and the chair through James’ window plan in case of a fire in the house. Doom and gloom you say? Not at all! I don’t have to worry about these things happening because I am prepared. Cra-cra, but prepared.

So what do you do when your breaks go out? Not try to drive home….ALEX. “It is only 2 lights”. (It is 8 lights, I counted.) You immediately look for a place to coast, preferably a large parking lot with the concrete bumpers that will stop your car. And thank the good Lord, there on our right was a huge Citibank parking lot completely empty. It still took some convincing that we needed to pull in and try to stop but finally he realized us trying to drive home (and stop where once we got here??) was a bad idea. As we coasted uphill into a parking spot and Alex had to throw it into reverse then slam it into park to get the steel beast to finally stop, he finally realized the breaks were fully gone.

I think he was in shock.

He really should work on some survival training and stop thinking everything is so happy and rosy.
Or that is what he has me for.

So Sunday morning, here we all were having Chris the tow truck driver take the Cutty away.

He also offered to buy it and I told him to name his price but somehow my window was child locked (that he can do but not stop a speeding car) and I was foiled again.

And yes, all sarcasm aside, we are both very thankful neither child was in the car. And I am pretty sure both our mothers wished they could say the same.

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