Is this just us?

Or do your children also fight their father with inflatable swords the second he gets home from work?
What about the baby?
Can he not be bothered to take out his pacifier? He cannot.

This is the current favorite activity at our house: sword fighting. The main issue (because there are many) is that the baby thinks any stick is a sword. So every bat, drumstick, bowling pin, etc. is carried on high, waddling your way. He has no concept of inflatable sword vs. hard sword.


Girls moms don’t have to deal with this crap.

One thought on “Is this just us?

  1. We HAVE to get our guys together! Jim and Jack LOVE sword fighting together. Imagine the melee if we gave all 5 boys swords. And then promptly left them to it while we went for cocktails to catch up 🙂

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