We might be professionals

The past month my friend Alison and I have attended not one but two book signings based on blogs we read. The first, our, very preggers friend Lanie also attended and we were all pretty sure she was going to have that baby in line. We all look a tad bedraggled meeting John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love. They write an entirely too happy all the time blog about redoing their house. Even if they are the most chipper people ever I do like them and wish them well. Which means we of course all bought their book and took a picture with them.

Alison was the bravest and asked them to sign on their favorite project which just happened to be the first one in the book. They seemed genuine on it, but I doubt them….again, they really are just a tad too happy to be working and living together all day every day with no break.

There were two girls in front of us in line that were obviously hard core bloggers. They had their big cameras out and were taking pictures of all the items at West Elm including the cookies they gave us and each other. Check out who is in the back of this photo taken by the extra ambitious one. I enjoy how thin I look since I am cut in half. Small world: As I went to check out their blogs (linked from the YHL site) they mention they are both into the Houston Roller Derby. There is an admin at work who also rolls and she confirmed she knew exactly who I was talking about and they were in fact over the top bloggers.

About two weeks later Alison and I trudged out past the Beltway to see Deb Perlman of Smitten Kitchen. She is the one I talked about here.  I really do adore her. I had her sign her Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats recipe from the blog and book, which is the only way I will ever make rice crispies again. Well, except for when I microwave them. 
The gray hair in the back of the photo tried to regulate where Deb could sign the book at first. Step off lady, we have been here for 2 hours and I am asking. Deb, of course, was gracious and we chatted about the deliciousness of the treats and how I had to call Alex to confirm (via my recipe book he has never entered) that they were in fact from her site.
You can see that Alison and I stepped up our game this time. That is hot rolled hair and make-up you are noticing. You are welcome. 

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