First Buzz

That’s right. My baby got a hair cut, his first at 16 months. I was really not on board with this plan as he has such little hair, why would I cut it? But Alex was insistent that we get his hair buzzed since the back was getting a bit long and the wisps in the front were as well.

So I gave in and was glad I did. Alma asked when he sat down (and immediately started screaming) who had cut his hair in the past. I had to make her understand that no one had touched his hair – this is how it grew in. I asked if she could use scissor and she basically rolled her eyes at me and told me that buzz was the only way to go. James did not enjoy this idea at all. He screamed the entire time. Hair got stuck in his tears and in his mouth making him even more mad.

But it looks so much better now. It is all the same length and is growing together nicely. I would have a better photo for you…

but Alex was in charge of taking the “after” shot.

It is my turn to roll my eyes.

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