Go Owls! Go Ponies!

The first weekend of December we took Zach to his first “not on TV” football game; the Rice vs. SMU game at Rice stadium. I got him a Rice jersey online (the only one that could be to me with 2 day shipping via Amazon). It was a nice homage to his great-grandfather Harvey who attended Rice way back when it was still free. I decided to wear something red for my dad who went to SMU back when it was the 60s.

Zach got right to work playing football in his jersey and too small boots (PS KK those are from you and I need new ones this spring) in the yard. He was beside himself excited about the game.

That is the awesome thing about living in a town with a university that is so poorly ranked in football – you can get tickets on site and sit wherever you want. No one cares in the least.

Zach was very into it at first. He wanted to know who were the Owls and who were the Ponies (which color) but then he just wanted to climb up and down the stadium and clap when the crowd did. The game itself was pretty terrible. I kept having to say “OK that guy is going to throw the ball and that guy will catch it. Wait, wait, they all fell down.”

Being the every conscience mother that I am I didn’t have a hat for my child so he had to steal Alex’s. But I do love my baby in too big hats.

Alex discovered they served beer and wine in the upper deck (The Roost) so he disappeared for a while. Don’t worry, we found him and took the opportunity to walk to the top (kill me now) and put our wings up.

2 thoughts on “Go Owls! Go Ponies!

  1. Glad you had a great time and thanks for cheering for two of the best schools. Did the SMU Band come? If so that would have been the best treat. We always said that SMU always won the halftime. Thanks, PWayne

  2. I should also add that Great Gramppaw Harvey would be so happy to see this. He was so proud when this stadium was built. I know they took me there as a little kid as well. Thanks for continuing the tridition. PWayne

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