That’s right, I made elf doughnuts

Because I don’t have enough to do and Jack is not trying to kill me in my sleep, I decided I HAD to make elf doughnuts. These on Pinterest looked darling.

Elf Doughnuts made from Cheerios!  Perfect for your Elf on the Shelf or to leave out beside Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve

However, as noted by another blogger actual instructions on how to do this are hard to find. This same blogger said something about rolling hers in melted chocolate and then in powered sugar or sprinkles. People, these are cheerios. I am supposed to melt down perfectly good chocolate that I could be stuffing into my face when I walk by the pantry and roll cheerios in it? I do not have that kind of time. Or patience. Or utensils needed to dig chocolate covered cheerios out of goopy chocolate.

So I did what any self respecting mother would do: I wet the cheerios with water and tossed them in powdered sugar.

Once again; nailed it.

However, once they were put in the matchbox and placed on Jack’s lap I was pretty pleased with myself.

I was especially pleased the next morning when Zach could have cared less about the elf doughnuts. He did not find them charming and cute. He thought they looked odd and said James could have them. Now how ticked would I have been if I had wasted that chocolate and oodles of my time? Exactly.
I think I am pretty smart as well. Please feel free to spread the word about my wet cheerios trick, though I am not telling Pinterest. They might revoke my membership.

A few days later Jack brought some blocks (thanks Liv!) that were a much bigger hit. And not one mess was made with that one.

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