Walk for a Cure

Technically October is breast cancer awareness month, but technically my life spirals out of control at a moment’s notice so posts end up coming out two months late. This is of no surprise to anyone I know.

Liv (a cancer survivor) always organizes a team to walk. There are some constants (Jim and Susan) and some new faces each year. The new faces this year included Zach and James. The last walk Zach attended was two years ago when we was just as pleasant as James is these days.

In 2009 I found a onesie for Zach that had the pink ribbon and the slogan, “A cause I can latch on to” which I found enormously funny. I mean, who doesn’t love a double entendre?

Not to be outdone by my 2009-only-one-child-working-part-time-self I knew my boys needed clever shirts. Turns out there are not really any that you can buy. OK, any that you can buy on such short notice. But you can buy pink ribbon clipart on Etsy and iron-on paper in a hurry.

Naturally, James was making his standard face and eating snacks the entire time. He is very thin.

The walk was PACKED. It took us an hour just to get to the starting line. By that time our boys were done. Done with being in the wagon and done with their snacks. We turned around at the first street we could and headed back to our car. It was still a disaster, they were both crying and we were basically speed walking to get there as fast as we could. Finally once we were back in downtown we let them out to walk. They both enjoyed “sliding” down/around the sidewalk of the Chevron building. Their hands were covered in black dirt. Gross. But worth it for less crying.

I insisted on a “blood only” photo for Liv. All moms want this even if they lie and say they don’t because they have such amazing daughters-in-law. Granted, most moms don’t call it “blood only”; but my grandmother loved that phrase and it makes me laugh when I use it.

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