Quick Gift

Whenever it was grandparent’s day, we happened to be seeing Liv and Vince. I had seen these on where else, Pinterest, so I set about convincing Zach to jump up and down for a photo. It did not work especially well but I was determined to use my laminator. Determined. 
I finally got one that would work, where he is basically just holding his arms up. Poor James, he had to settle for hanging from his arm. Unfortunately I am not the best with scaling photos so it sort of looks like James is going to eat Zachary. Whoops. But Liv and Vince love them which is what was important.

Thank heavens my dad is a periodicals only reader like Alex and my mom has a Kindle so I don’t think they mind not having hanging chads of the boys. But if I hear any different I will get that laminator out immediately.

2 thoughts on “Quick Gift

  1. I used as a bookmark for many years a small note from Lauren. Granted I mostly read a real book while on a plane(you know how much that is)but have been reading some at the river. And I lost my bookmark note from Lauren sooo… maybe I could use one. PWayne

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