Breakfast from the freezer

Does anyone else dread breakfast? I mean not at much as dinner, obviously, but I feel the pressure of feeding my kids something that is nutritious and will hold them until snack (at least my little ones get snacks) but also something they can eat without my help. Zach can do cereal…but it almost always spills right when I am in the shower or straightening my hair. AKA I can’t stop what I am doing.

So I started batch cooking breakfast items and freezing them. And I love it. As my sister would say, technically you can buy all the items I make and freeze. And honestly, now that I am back full time I do usually buy them. But I still really like to make the stuff too, when I have a little time.

This weekend I bought some “Renaissance bread” at Randall’s only because I wanted to make french toast for the boys and wanted it to be with a hearty wheat bread. Oh it is hearty all right, the first two ingredients are wheat flour and barely. My children might come to hate me in the future I know.

But look how pretty they turned out!

I decided I did not have the time to stand at the stove (that and the fact that James is always “helping” me with everything which is somewhat of a fire hazard) so I searched around for a way to bake it in the oven. After wading through entirely too many french toast casserole recipes I found a non-casserole that I re-worked a tad for me.

It was so much faster than just doing 4 at a time. I squished 10 slides on the cookie sheet and they all turned out perfectly. In case you would like to make them as well, I put the recipe below. I included some pineapple puree which is from a Deceptive Delicious recipe and makes the french toast a tad sweeter without anyone being the wiser, but you could obviously leave that out.

Baked French Toast
4 large eggs
6-8 slices of bread
2 TBSP pineapple puree (optional)
½ tsp cinnamon
Splash of milk
1 -2 TBSP butter

Heat oven to 400 degrees
Blend eggs, milk, puree and cinnamon in a bowl
Put butter on cookie sheet in oven just long enough to melt the butter. Roll the pan around to coat well.
Dip bread in egg mixture turning once and then put on cookie sheet.Bake for 10-15* minutes, turning once to get the bread golden brown.
* In all honesty- I am just estimating the cooking time. I left mine in the oven while I was doing 15 other things and once I smelled it I came running. I start with 10 minutes and go from there. 

Zach was very excited when I told him we were having french toast for breakfast.

One thought on “Breakfast from the freezer

  1. Oh the thought of giving your children healthy food. I remember when your mother would prepare fresh vegetables and freeze them into ice trays. Then when dinner time came she would thaw and give to you and your sister. Sounds like a good practice you have going. Love, PWayne

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