At least I look thin

For my 35th birthday Zach stuck with his hat trend (Alex, Liv and Vince all got different styles of hats) and got me this lovely visor. It is huge. If you think it wraps all the way around my head you would be wrong. It is one of those visor on a headband things.


You can see James agrees.

Alex claims it was this one or one that was burnt orange and he thought that would clash with my hair. Says the man who wears two different shades of gray in one outfit.

I want to be one of those moms that doesn’t care but seriously, I am never going to wear this visor. I think I am going to tell Zach it does not fit and take him with me to pick out another one. If he really pitches a fit I will cave (obviously). But I will not be seen outside of Drummond street in this visor.

I am 35 not 55. And I don’t power walk in the morning. I mean I need to, but I don’t.

One thought on “At least I look thin

  1. Just think how much sun it would block from your eyes! You know that when Zach learns to read you cannot say these kind of things about your gifts in a blog. Love, PWayne

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