Hola, soy Kinsey

In early November one of Alex’s friends married a lovely girl named Maria who is from Puerto Vallarta. They graciously had their wedding there so we could have a child free vacation. I don’t think our parents (who switched off James and Zach) felt it was so gracious of them.

We stayed at one of the nicest places I have ever stayed, Garza Blanca. You can see from the photos the pools and views were wonderful. It was the off season so no one was there and I spent days laying in the shade reading and drinking. We went down the weekend before and then moved into a house with Dave and Tami, Chris and Scott on Thursday.

Oh wait, I misspoke. I went down on Sunday and Alex joined me on Tuesday. Yes, that is right, I flew to Mexico (where I was pretty sure I was going to be kidnapped and held for ransom) alone. Luckily, you know I have an inordinate amount of confidence in myself and, what you might not know, in my Spanish speaking abilities.

How did this happen? Well, as I tried to check us in on Saturday I realized Alex’s passport had expired in February of 2012. This is what happens when you have two children, you don’t get to leave the country. Since our flight was on Sunday there was nothing we could do until the passport office opened on Monday. Not one to think he can’t talk his way onto a plane, we both went to the airport on Sunday to try to get on. But, since the people who work at United are not idiots, they caught Alex’s passport expiration immediately. Only 2 flights a day go down to PV and they were booked until the next Saturday. So the only option was for me to go and him to take the first flight on Tuesday. Also luckily for us Houston has a passport office where you can get a passport the same day. So he hustled on down Monday and had one in hand by that afternoon.

Really it was fine. I am a big girl. I travelled in Europe by myself when I was 22. But I was used to having someone with me, so it just took a bit to remember that I am fully capable. Which I was, of course. So I had two and a half glorious days of Kinsey quality time. And I am delightful. Though people at the resort kept asking if I was alone. I naturally lied and said no, my husband was arriving tonight. Then I thought I might get killed in my bed. But I was so relaxed by the evening I just didn’t care.

Once everyone joined us on Thursday we moved over to a house up in the hills. Alex and I had brought with us sun hats given the extreme whiteness of our complexions. We took to calling them “Wayne hats” after the hats my father wears well, anytime he is outside. His are similar to the ones we had, but his brims are much, much larger. You would hear calls of “where is a Wayne hat?” around the pool during the day.

Dave and Alex enjoyed pretending they were teenagers again. See Dave now has a Wayne hat on.

That is where Tami spent most of her time. Can’t see her? Look closely at the hammock.

Scott and Alex with the groom.

One thought on “Hola, soy Kinsey

  1. Joke about it now but when you get older and your doctor keeps asking you if you wear a wide brimmed hat in the sun you might starting wearing such a hat like that all the time. Skin cancer is real so I am glad you are finally showing some good sense. All that talking about getting a tan never made much sense to me. My skin was too white to really get a tan. PWayne, the hat guy!

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