My baby James

I finally finished our 2011 photo album, yes that is right, 2011, anyway and I noticed how many, many, many posts about Zachary I had. I chronicled everything that child did. Poor James. I think all the same things, about how he is so precious, how I love his walk with his butt and belly stuck out and how he “talks” all the time. However, his talking is second to his shrieking. That child shrieks at me all day. Well, for the 4 hours we are together, he is shrieking.

And even though I think all those things I can’t seem to find the energy to blog about them. And since I have boys they are barely going to care, but I do. So in that vein and with my love of lists, here are the top 10 things I love about my baby James right now:

1. His “run”. It is so awesome, he totally looks like a fat man. He ducks his head, swings his arms and off he goes. Precious.

2. His “words”. He is starting say more and more things. There are still very few that you can actually understand, save “Mama”, “Dada”, “bye”, “crackers” and “snack”. That is right, two of his favorite most used words are “cracker” and  “snack”. He yells them at me most mornings and evenings. He also yells, “Nuuuuu” for Norman and “aaaaakkk” for Zach. Again, no one really knows this unless both are close by.

3. His lack of hair. I adore that still mostly bald head. With his big eyes it makes him look more like a baby to me. Which I enjoy.

4.  Seeing him and Zachary play. James is still highly interested in whatever Zach is doing. No one can make him laugh like Zach can. James is (naturally) the aggressor in all situations so it is very normal for him to throw himself on Zach and start wrestling. He laughs and laughs as Zach pins him and vice versa. It never lasts long before someone is in trouble, but it is a blissful few minutes.

5. How fat he still is. That baby is enormous. I mean not really, he is like 50% but carrying around 25 lbs is no easy feet. But I love it. He is still so round and chubby with those cheeks. That chub let’s him get away with a lot.

I captured this video for my friend Laura who gave Zach this lion zoo set. James roaring like a lion makes my day.

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