Grandma Ena

Just before Christmas Liv’s mom moved to town. We are all excited to have Grandma Ena (otherwise known at Rowena) closer to us and the boys wasted no time welcoming her to town. They got to be there when the moving truck arrived with her things which I am certain the movers found very helpful. Zach talked about the big truck for days.

It is really nice that Alex can take the boys out to see his grandma like they did yesterday when I was otherwise engaged in spending time shopping. They went to lunch and then to the Willowbrook fire station. Apparently there was only one fireman on duty (ummm, OK) but he let the boys climb all over the fire trucks, ambulance and the station.

Last night Zach told me they also take care of babies at the fire station so we could leave James there if we wanted. I don’t think that is what they had in mind.

Apparently Zach is “skateboarding” on Grandma Ena’s mini-ironing board. This could be as he does know what and ironing board is for.

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