Baked Ravioli – Not from St. Louis

In St. Louis there is a dish called Fried Ravioli which is just as it sounds – ravioli rolled in coating and fried. If you Google Baked Ravioli, Google assumes you are trying to make the healthy version of that dish. This is not a post about that search result.

I spotted this image and link on Pinterest and thought it could be a great weekday dinner for us. That and I spotted a double pack of chicken and cheese ravioli at Costco.

But it looked a tad plain. I mean it just ravioli, some pasta sauce and cheese. So I went search for something more. I found recipes like I mention above, a ton of them, a couple for ravioli with chicken and cheese mixed in, and this one that looked delicious. But in the end they all seemed like more work than I had time for since I had actual work and needed to bring dinner to a new mom in my ‘hood that same day.

So made it the plain, easy way, adding some chives on top that I had. Since I was using fresh ravioli it only needed about 20 minutes to bake. And it was really, really good. Zach won’t eat it as he claims to not like ravioli (liar) but the rest of the family wolfed it down. Add this to your menu immediately.

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