Like Father Like Son

Since James was born, Zach has been getting dressed basically on his own. It is not fast and takes many reminders and he really doesn’t like to put on underwear, which we have to monitor. He also likes to wear the shirt he has slept in under his clean shirt. Whatever. He is dressed and I rarely care.

The problem is Zachary seems to have picked up Alex’s sense of dressing. This means he picks comfort over coordination EVERY TIME. It started with his shirts, they need to be soft and with no tags. Then it transitioned into he wanted to wear only his “basketball shorts” or pants. I almost started to cry.

This is the exact same issue I face with his father. Multiple, multiple discussions have been had over the past 7+ years about how basketball shorts and athletic pants are NOT acceptable clothing choices for every single casual encounter. “But they are so comfortable” is always the refrain. And tacky. Oh and he “dresses them up” with a polo shirt. Terrible. Why do I even bother trying to look nice when I am out with a gangster from the 80s?

I did finally made some headway after I threatened to wear my yoga pants (aka “house pants” as they have never seen a yoga studio) all the time “because they are so comfortable”. This actually gave Alex some pause, which tells you how bad those pants are. He finally agreed that to parties, yes parties only, he would wear jeans.

How is this my life?
#384 on the list of things I should have paid attention to.

I have decided to combat this for my child’s future wife (you are welcome Tiffany) I am going to make him wear jeans to school one day a week. First off, he needs to figure out how to zip and snap and second, jeans or khakis are a normal casual pant choice, Alex.

I don’t even know what is going on in this picture. They were out at Grandma Ena’s and somehow decided to pose for this way.

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