Like a fool

I recently realized James was totally playing me in the evenings. It all started a few weeks we got rid of the bottle (still not when I was supposed to but he is my baby and I don’t care). I went through our usual routine of reading books, lights out, sippy cup, pacifier (shhh) and then down. He was a perfect Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. I laid him down awake and he peacefully drifted off to sleep.

I thought I was amazing for months.

Then all of a sudden that little thing would start to rage the second I left the room. I, of course, thought he was sick/teething/had to poo/was being murdered and ran to check on him. The second I would pick him up to rock him he wanted to get down. I just put him back in bed but we all know I would then cave and go back in there and in there and in there.

Such a first-time mom move.

It took Lauren telling me that my child is trying to control me. HSHHC also confirmed in a passage about  child that would rage at his parents until they walked into the room. Oh stubborn mini-Kinsey, I should have recognized it. He is in that phase where he has finally realized things are going on around him and he is not the least bit pleased to be missing it. Not at all.

James, you are the second child. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice – nice try, but I am on to your stubborn ways. Two can play at that and I have had much more practice ignoring things I don’t like than you.

In case you thought James’ crying was soft and sweet I submit this video into evidence of my torture. It was from a few month ago before he was walking, and I really think he has only gotten louder.

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