Can we please sit still?

OK so on a scale of one to sedentary, I am about an 8. I hate to exercise, really only prefer to run if chased and the thought of doing an exercise video makes me tired. Cut to me having an 18 month old and a 4 year old. I have never been more active in my life. Granted it is not the Alex Wall method of “active” – I am not going 90 to nothing for 10 minutes and doing excessive calf raises, but I am busy.

My point in this triad is that I like to sit. Sit and sit quietly with a book or the TV. None of the boys (Norman included) in my life support this plan. Ever. Unless they are sick which is glorious. Don’t tell them I said that.

All I want to do in the morning is adjust to being awake for 5 or 10 minutes. Not gonna happen. Paying zero attention to his sun/moon light Zach comes in every morning without fail to stand about 10 inches from my face to tell me he has to go to the bathroom. He has to pass through two doors to do this. He could just open one door and go to his bathroom but he prefers to alert me.

However, I came across this unfinished blog post from when he was James’ age and I think him going to the bathroom and back to his room to play is better than it was….

…Every morning someone is handing me my shoes, saying “Mommy shoe Mommy shoe?”. They are being handed to me in the bed. Gross, I don’t want my dirty shoes in the bed, but if you put them down on the floor the entire exercise starts all over. So I just lay there holding my shoes and not letting them touch anything, while someone confirms that I am trying to go “night night?”…

PS I have so many questions about this small snip-it of my life. Like, how did he get out of bed? I had to have gone to get him and then laid back down? Seriously, what was going on. James is this age and he would not for one second stand me laying down. He would scream at me from the side of the bed or insist on climbing up to lay on our heads.

Here are my sweet boys at Einstein’s where we like to go on the weekend mornings. Usually significantly more early that I would prefer to be anywhere.

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