James is not impressed

As I was sitting with my cousin Stephanie watching the boys play in her mom’s backyard (the famous Aunt Vickie) we were discussing how James just stares at people, especially when they are excited/giddy at him,  which I very cleverly call, the James face. She commented that he reminded her of Mckayla’s not impressed.
That is totally his face. And a much better phrase than mine. Stupid 22 year olds that get plenty of sleep. (Just kidding I love her.)
Me: “James! You caught the ball! You caught the ball, James!”
James: “I have been doing this for months. Where have you been.”
James is not impressed.

Me: “James! Look at the airplane, you love airplanes!”

James: “I can say airplane but prefer to just point and look at you to say it for me.”
James is not impressed.

 Me: “James! Look at the bubble gun! It lights up and blows bubbles!”

James is not impressed.

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